Pinnacle Plumbing Company is a Kansas City based plumbing contractor that specializes in plumbing systems for new multi-family construction and rehabilitation projects. Our objective is to partner with owners, developers, general contractors and other subcontractors to provide high quality plumbing systems at a fair price. This is achieved through our plumbing expertise, dedicated management team and experienced work force. We aim to build strong relationships with our partners and always stand by our work.

Our Mission

To provide high quality plumbing systems at a fair price.

Our Team

Our team’s plumbing expertise allows us to partner with you to deliver a quality plumbing system on-budget and on-time.

Our Values

Pinnacle’s core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Expertise
  • Excellence

Our Approach

Our project management approach is focused on communication throughout all levels of the project. This allows us to deliver value, efficiency and quality without any surprises. From the start, we partner with you to value engineer your projects to maximize cost savings and fit your budgets. Additionally, we provide the customer a wide array of pricing options (i.e. Preliminary Budget Estimates, Guaranteed Maximum Pricing (GMP) Proposals, Time and Material Projects, or Lump Sum Bids) that can be tailored to the specific projects.Throughout the project, we leverage our extensive experience to adapt to and communicate changing field conditions to ensure project progress efficiently with no surprises. This all combines to deliver a quality plumbing system on-budget and on-time. Pinnacle is proud of the work we do and stands behind the quality of our plumbing systems.